Thank you for the interest in our company. We value the opportunity to provide you with our product. This company was started when I was searching for a wallet myself. I was working on a laser engraving project and needed to find the perfect wallet. All that I could find were cheap genuine leather products. After a few days of nothing grabbing my heart I wondered if I could make one. I began searching through the web to see if I was up to the task. Would it make sense for my project? It actually didn`t work for the exact project that I had in mind, but I did fall in love. After weeks of studying the craft I built my first wallet. The rest is history.

   I will never forget receiving my first order of leather. It came rolled up and the sound it made as I unraveled it made me feel like a kid on Christmas. Every step along the way has been similar. Every cut of leather, every stitch, and every finished project. All I hope to do is convey the same passion in my leather-work. I want you to feel the quality and craft when you pick it up. 

   We are a small company and that gives us the ability to connect with customers and really give a great feel to our service. We would love to see our products in action. If you find one that you fall in love with please tag us in a photo and stay connected with us on the journey. 


                                     - Zachary @ Cedar Coast Leather Co.